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Marine Hardware Injection Cast Wax Pump Parts for Turbines Custom Ceramic Core Molds are available for Cast Flange Machinery Parts and Auto Parts.

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In the year 2000, Dongying Wanlong Machinery Mold Co., Ltd. was founded. This company integrates design, production, prototype assembly, and mold testing; its primary business is precision casting molds. a comprehensive, expert mold maker. The corporation is based in Dongying City, which is the Yellow River Delta’s Shengli Oilfield’s core city. “Quality is the foundation of survival, reputation is the source of development” is a principle that the company has always upheld. The company philosophy has long maintained a close and unspoken working relationship with our clients. The company has developed extensive practical knowledge in mold design, manufacture and processing, and online mold testing after years of development research and experience accumulation. Particularly with regard to automated mold creation and wax mold processing that requires no maintenance,

Company Strength

The company has 21 advanced machining centers, both domestic and foreign, with high-speed CNC engraving and milling machines. It also has other professional mold processing equipment, such as CNC mirror EDM forming machines, slow wire cutting machines, and two four-axis and one five-axis machining centers. a number of cutting-edge processing and production tools. There are twenty-one CNC carving machines operating at high speeds, along with numerous sophisticated production and processing tools like wire cutting and EDM molding machines. The high quality and high efficiency of the goods are realized by the optimization of the design using CAM and other tools, such as CAE simulation analysis software.
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Feeling uninspired by your product? Look no further. Our expert team of senior design engineers leverages cutting-edge CAM and other applications to craft exquisite molds that yield precision goods. With meticulous optimization through software and CAE simulation analysis, we guarantee high-quality results. Trust us for molds that are not just precise and dependable but also forward-thinking and progressive.

Production Control

Our commitment to quality is unwavering. Through the implementation of the ISO9001:2015 quality system, we excel in supply chain management, design and development, and customer information management. Our comprehensive approach to quality planning, control, and monitoring encompasses procedures such as incoming material inspection, process monitoring, shipping inspection, and after-sales service. Continual improvement is ingrained in our processes, driving enhancements across the board. Trust us to uphold the highest standards in customer information management, design and development, supply chain management, and all aspects of quality control.

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ISO 9001 GB/T 19001 Foundry quality control

Lost wax investment casting Quality control; Statistical quality control (SQC); Quality circle; Quality assurance; Control charts; Captive foundries; Total quality control (TQC) Auto parts casting, large mining equipment accessories, engineering machinery parts, valve parts, large diameter pipe fittings
Dongying Wanlong Mechanical Casting Mould LTD Quality management system ISO 19001
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