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China Investment casting, Dongying Casting, Lost Wax we’re a trusted foundry with a Conformity of Production casting COP certificate. 24 years experience. 24 years experience in metal casting.

Our mission It’s simple: Your success is our success. Count on us to deliver the perfect balance of quality and affordability for your company.

And varieties of materials precision casting parts

China Casting, Dongying Investment Casting,
Stainless steel casting, lost wax casting

Wax injection casting Marine Hardwares Turbine part Pump Components Cast Flange Machinery Parts Auto Parts, We can custom Ceramic Core Mould

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What our foundry manufacturing do?

Processing company. The company has more than 24 years

production. Experience, can provide customers with product design,

and technical engineering support. One Stop service for precision.

Casting molds. Castings and CNC machining equipment. We have an investment casting production line 26, won CNC machines five-axis. Machining center for Forex. machining center, eight sets, CNC loader three sets, slow wire, cutting machines, a mirror spark machine and testing equipment, such as hexagon three coordinates

OEM custom molding products include auto parts. Mechanical

equipment, food parts, machinery, accessories, ship hardware, kitchenware, medical equipment and sports equipment parts. Our products are largely sold to the UK. USA, Germany, Australia, Japan. And many other countries.

Our foundry production offers a wide range of services, including

Casting of various metals, including investment casting
Production of sample castings and prototypes using precision casting processes
Casting of stainless steel
Casting of nickel-based alloys for the automotive industry and industrial applications
Vatallium casting process
Casting of carbon steel
Application of the lost wax process for the manufacture of mechanical products
Casting of heat-resistant steel.

Our manufacturing capabilities and expertise enable us to produce a wide range of cast products for various industries and applications.


We specialize in the Investment Casting and manufacturing of a wide range of products, including:

  • Agricultural machinery parts
  • Car replacement parts
  • Drilling machines
  • Industrial machines
  • All metals and steel components

Additionally, we excel in:

  • Manufacture of automobile spare parts
  • Manufacture of turbine parts
  • Production of stainless steel casting products
  • Production of agricultural machinery products and high-temperature alloys
  • Production of industrial fans, compressors, and blowers
  • Production of components for the refrigeration industry
  • Production lines for aluminum, high-temperature alloys, and stainless steel castings

With our expertise and dedication to quality, we’re equipped to meet the diverse needs of our clients across various industries.

Lost wax casting and CNC machining process

What our foundry manufacturing do?

Casting of various metals Investment casting Production of sample castings prototypes Precision casting Stainless steel casting Casting of nickel-based alloys Automotive industry Industrial parts Vatallium casting Casting of carbon steel Lost wax casting of mechanical products Casting of heat-resistant steel Casting of low alloy steel vane, blades and nozzles auto parts, mechanical equipment parts, food machinery parts, building hardware parts. Ship hardware parts, kitchen supplies, medical equipment, sports equipment parts and other fields. Our company has professional technical

Our Service

We are a metal castings from China of stainless steelWe are a metal casting company that includesUnparalleled possibilities to process different metals.We manufacture a wide range of industrial and vehicle parts, water pumps as well as industrial equipment, turbine parts,Blades Cutter agricultural machinery, and medical equipment.
We develop and manufacture turbine parts complex steel components for theinternational industry, We manufacture samples and prototype. These are poured using the investment casting method (‘lost wax’ or ‘precision casting
Turbine part Dongying Casting

Investment casting, lost wax casting since 2000

Dongying Wanlong Mechanical Mould Co., Ltd.Was established in 2000, located in Dongying City, Shandong Province in China.We are a professional casting mold and lost wax casting manufacturer.We have an independent foundry mold casting production workshop.We are specializing in the sample’s precision casting production of stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy and other high temperature alloy precision castings, as well as a variety of products of CNC deep processing production.Our products cover vane, blades and nozzles auto parts, mechanical equipment parts, food machinery parts, building hardware parts. Ship hardware parts, kitchen supplies, medical equipment, sports equipment parts and other fields. Our company has professional technical
Investment casting , Precision casting , Gießerei, 鉄鋳造, metal moulding, moulage de précision, carbon steel casting, Gießen von Kohlenstoffstahl, 탄소강 주조 مسبك معادن الفولاذ Die Casting Motor case Engine shell Engine cylinder

We can help you with the following manufacturing processes:

We are an approved foundry and have a Conformity of Production COP certificate. COP is a way to prove the ability to produce a series of products that exactly match the specification, performance and labeling requirements described in the type approval documentation. Read more about Conformity of Production (COP)

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